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Moving Sound Pictures

Innovative Hochschule

What would happen if paintings become alive and come out of their 2D space? What would happen if you add a time dimension to a painting? What if Kandinsky could make music with his circles, lines and triangles? What if Mondrian could come out of the canvas’ frame?

Moving Sound Pictures is about all these questions posed above. It is about the mixture of visual arts and music. In this project, users have the opportunity to interactively explore paintings by known and contemporary visual artists through playful actions and new technologies.
Use your body to shift, enlarge or downsize objects of the paintings in a virtual-reality (VR) environment and make music with these objects!
Get information about the painting and the artist such as historical aspects of the artwork, painting techniques, etc.
Pictures become audible and a new musical instrument emerges! Everyone can create their artworks individually and discover the artwork from another perspective!


Projektleitung: Dr. Konstantina Orlandatou

Janina Luckow

August 1, 2019


Moving Sound Pictures